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The following Lajes Field news, information, events, and activities are published for unit and community awareness. 

Lajes Field Domestic Abuse Victim Advocate (DAVA) Services

The DAVA provides victim advocacy to active duty personnel and family members who are eligible for care within a Military Treatment Facility.  The Lajes Field DAVA is available to answer questions via phone, will help victims establish a safety plan, and can provide resources.  Victims and/or potential victims of domestic violence can access DAVA services on the new 24/7 hotline at 967-698-614.

POC:  Capt Amanda Hardy, Mental Health Flight Commander, 535-5177.

2015 Total Force Climate Survey 13 March - 4 May 15

The 2015 Total Force Climate Survey, an Air Force-wide organization climate assessment, will be conducted 13 March - 4 May 2015. It is an Internet-based questionnaire designed to provide Air Force leaders with candid feedback from their people on issues that impact unit effectiveness.

The Air Force Credentialing Opportunities Online (AF COOL) Program:

While at Lajes, take advantage of the opportunity to obtain a credential or license - check out the website.

- Replaces certification Tuition Assistance (Current certification goals in this program must be finished by 15 Oct 2015, no exceptions)
- Member will be eligible for One-time AFSC related Certification  and a Leadership Credential at the rank of E-7 and above.
- Lifetime CAP $4500
- Recertification are paid until $4500 cap reached
- Previous AF Credential does not preclude use of AF COOL
- Only pays for exams, not courses
- Supervisors approve both goal and funding requests

Required Qualifications:
- Current and passing PT test
- Not have a current UIF
- Not be currently on a control
- Not have a referral EPR
- Must be on Title 10 or Active Duty Status
- For Enlisted Members Only at this time
- Credential or License must be completed while on Active Duty
- Members must have a 5 skill level. If the AFSC does not have a 5 Skill level identifier, member may be eligible for Leadership Credential

Chapel Protestant Service
The Chapel will now over only one Protestant Service on Sundays starting at 11:00 a.m.

Base Tax Center Opens
The 65 ABW/JA Tax Center opened beginning on February 16, 2015. The 65 ABW/JA will be hosting a drop off service for 2014 tax filing, for individuals authorized legal assistance. 

Details:  Members will complete intake forms and drop off all required documents, see attachment.  Once completed, members will be contacted to
review returns prior to e-filing.

For questions please contact the JA office at 535-3546.

Base Honor Guard
The Lajes Base Honor Guard is looking for volunteers. For more information visit or call Tech. Sgt. Steven Millerd at 535-5159.

Eagle Eyes
Based on current world events and U.S. European Commands heightened level of force protection concerns we want to remind every member of our community that you have a responsibility to be vigilant and aware of your surroundings. No matter how well trained and vigilant our law enforcement and counterterrorism personnel are, they simply cannot be everywhere, at all times. The eyes and ears of each member of Team Lajes, as well as those of our neighbors in the local community, play an absolute crucial role in the prevention of terrorism.

If you hear or see anyone participating in suspicious activity please report them to the Eagle Eyes program at 535-EYES or if off base 295-57-EYES.

In addition you may see more Random Anti-Terrorism Measures (RAMs) on and off base carried out by U.S. Air Force Security Forces, PoAF Air Police and Securitas (Housing Security) personnel, which could include gate closures and increased patrols.

Government Travel Card Payment Options
For more information visit:

Expanded Influenza Vaccine Available

The 65 MDG Allergy/Immunization Clinic is expanding the groups of patients for which the influenza vaccine is now available. Flu vaccine is mandatory for all active duty members and highly encouraged/recommended for all family members and civilians.

Details:  The influenza vaccine is now available for the following groups:
- Infants - age 6 months to 35 months.
- All high risk patients that meet the criteria for the injectable vaccine, or those that do not otherwise meet the criteria for the flu mist.
- All patients between the ages of 2 - 49 who are otherwise healthy that meet the criteria for the flu mist.

Immunization Clinic Hours:
Mon, Wed, Fri: 0900-1600
Tues, Thurs: 0800-1600
Closed for lunch from 1200-1300

POC:  TSgt Jovan Thomas, 535-3584

New housing website is the new housing program that is replacing  and it will be operational on 4 Oct 2014. is a DOD-developed public website that interfaces with our Enterprise Military Housing (eMH) system. allows public access for members, property managers and landlords 24/7/365 and replaces the Automated Housing Referral Network (AHRN), which already terminated 1 Jan 14.  This program will be very beneficial to all military and DOD civilians in the search for properties for rent or sale at your new assignment.  For further assistance concerning this matter, please contact: Joan Wilson, Housing Manager at 535-3727

All members PCS'ing from Lajes Field with Privately Owned Vehicle (POV)

The goal of the 65th Logistics Readiness Squadron is to improve the POV shipment process. We understand how important your vehicle is to you, your family and how it supports the Air Force mission. With this in mind, we established an improved process to assure a smoother PCS. We request you to bring all required documents listed below to the Vehicle Processing Center (T-605) no later than 60 days prior to your departure date:

1. 4 copies of your PCS Orders
2. 4 copies of vehicle's title or letter from lien holder (bank) 3. 4 copies of Lajes Field Vehicle registration 4. Personal email, a current phone number or means to reach you

- These documents will help us order your POV container and coordinate shipping timelines. You may keep your POV until your container arrives and we schedule you a follow-on Turn-In (TIN) time and date via email.
- Keep in mind, delivery times vary upon destination and/or carriers schedule.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact the Vehicle Processing Center @ 535-3112 or e-mail at: 65LRS.LGRDDC.VPC@US.AF.MIL.


The Lajes Traffic Management Office (TMO) has started utilizing DPS Self-Counseling as a means of procuring transportation for a member's household goods and unaccompanied baggage. DPS Self-Counseling offers members the option of arranging shipments from their own computers or in TMO's cyber café. DPS user guides have been posted on the TMO GPS to PCS page ( TMO Counselors will happily assist you in with any questions you may have.

Face to face counseling is still mandatory for the following individuals:
-Members who have never completed a government move
-Members who are separating
-Members who are retiring -Dependents procuring transportation on dependent travel orders 
-Local Moves
-Members shipping household goods into non-temporary storage
-Members moving to a unique location

Please note that members will still need to hand carry orders and provide completed DPS forms to TMO at least three weeks prior to requested pack-out dates.  We strongly recommend that members complete household goods processing as soon as PCS orders are available to the member. Please contact the TMO office at 535-5168 with any questions.

Civilian Personnel

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Staying Connected at Lajes Field Lajes Field Campaigns and Community Observances

Lajes Field Events and Activities  

USAFE Rock Band Touch n' Go April 25

The USAFE Rock Band Touch n' Go will be performing on Saturday April 25 starting at 8 p.m. at the TORC. Doors open at 7 p.m.

Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month: Walk A Mile In My Shoes April 29

As part of Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month there will be a ruck march starting at 1500 at the base track. For more information contact the base SARC at 535-2123.

Wing Promotion Ceremony April 30

The monthly Wing Promotion ceremony will take place on April 30 at 1500 in the Community Activities Center.

Non-command sponsored dependents memorandum available on Lajes Link

A memorandum detailing important considerations for Airmen considering bringing non-command sponsored dependents to Lajes Field has been approved and can be found on Lajes Link here.  For inbound members who are considering bringing family members to Lajes Field and currently assigned members who are considering having their family visit the base.  Discuss this important decision with your chain of command prior to moving any family members. 

Airfield Driving Training Reminder

All USAF employed personnel operating a vehicle on the airfield must be trained on local airfield driving procedures. Individuals must complete all the training requirements outlined on the Airfield Drivers Training Program (ADTP) website.  Individuals should contact the Unit Airfield Driving Program Manager or the wing program manager at 535-1361. 

Facility Closures or Alternate Hours 

Effective Monday, 27 April, the Personal Property and Passenger Travel Office will change their walk-in customer service hours from 0800-1400 Monday-Thursday and 0900-1400 on Fridays. Assistance will be available by appointment or for emergencies only outside of those hours.

MPS Career Development/Customer Service Closure
Due to the upcoming high PCS season and manning shortages, the MPS Career Development and Customer Service sections will close every Wednesday to process personnel actions beginning 1 Apr 2015. 

If you have an emergency, please contact the Command Post.

65th Medical Group Closed for Training 2nd Tuesday of Each Month
The 65th Medical Group clinic is closed for unit training every second Tuesday of the month. TRICARE On-line (TOL) is always available as an option for appointment booking. All beneficiaries must register at for an account. For more information, call 535-3261. In case of emergencies, call 911 on-base or 295-571-911 off-base.  

Advertising & Publicity
The deadline for the weekly Basewide Announcements is 12 p.m. Thursdays. Send your publicity request email titled "ATTN PA - BASEWIDE INFO REQUEST" to Requests must include 2-3 sentences (no bullets) describing the basics of your event. Include the time, data, location, POC, and contact information. Incomplete requests will be returned. Lajes Field/All Personnel emails are reserved for mission critical information and 65 ABW events.
The presence of information, announcements, or links on this product does not constitute federal endorsement of private organization activities. 65 ABW/PA provides limited support to private organizations in the form of this online bulletin board in accordance with AFI 34-223 Private Organizations Program. Private organizations are not part of the Department of Defense or any of its components and have no governmental status.

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